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March 22, 2021 @ 6:30 pm


Starting from the Lawnhill Drive entry point the diminished pack of the GM, DerroLicked MyBalls, Bog Rat, Arsenic and Y2k gathered in the deluge.  It was pissing down!  We were wet through before we’d gone 100m. Trail led into the forest and it was great weather for Cane Toad Footy.  The bastards were everywhere and soon flying through the air as they were ceremoniously booted at every opportunity.  It was slow going in the rain as the toads were picked or kicked into oblivion.   The wet conditions were great, Arsenic with gusto swang his leg at a toad, slipped and went arse-up and down with a splash.  He soon got up somewhat muddy, we pissed ourselves.  As we continued skywards the toads thinned and the pace picked up.  The run circled around trails small and large a couple of impromptu halts were called to wait for the GM .  The rain came down harder but surprisingly the flour marking held up well in the wet, Ballpoint doing a good job.  Heavier rain, slick underfoot, rivers to ford and more halts for Ballbags made slow going as the trail rounded for home.  Out we popped on the fire trail adjacent to normal track to Tom Rose.  The not quite so cunning Hare had set Trail down the creek expecting us to have to swim across the torrent only to find the on-back.  You have to get up earlier than that Ballpoint to fool experienced Hashmen, but it nearly worked on Boggy!  A gentle trot through more creeks back to the start with more toads being punted we came in 95 minutes and 5.8km later.

Back to Tom Rose HQ for the on-afters.  Covid songbook was perused by all present, the anthem sung and recorded for the Walmington-On-Sea, and much discussion of general shit undertaken.  Absentees noted.  All got charges, Ballpoint was given a score, it was quite high, based on nothing in particular!  Derro Lick My Balls gave himself the Covidiot claiming he didn’t deserve it last week.  BBQ snags and onions, yum! 


March 22, 2021
6:30 pm
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Lawnhill Drive Park
29 Lawnhill Dve
Nerang, QLD 4211 Australia
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